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Property Investment Consulting

The most valuable service H&T can offer to clients is property consulting and industry sound advice to guide them along their property investment journey. We understand the challenges that are faced when purchasing property, whether it is for investment or to live in. This is why we offer our expertise and knowledge. Through advice on how to build successful property investment portfolios and optimise property assets, we aim to help clients reduce risks and achieve financial independence.

How it works

By having one-on-one meetings with investors, we can provide customised property investment solutions through comprehensively understanding and assessing what stage they are at, their personal situation and what their property requirements are. Our team of dedicated property investment consultants are well equipped to assist clients from around the world with their multilingual skills and extensive education in property. They not only educate and advise, but they also walk the talk by following best property investment practices.

H&T’s property investment consultants are supported by strong operational teams that provide on-going research and exceptional customer care. This includes attentive services throughout the construction and settlement periods to assist clients with enquiries and concerns. We also provide support and advice in the event changes occur to a client’s personal situation that affects their property purchase. We aim to help each and every investor and owner occupier realise their property dream and are here to support them throughout their journey.  

One of our effective tools for providing property consulting is our property investment seminars that cover topics such as property market trends, information on policy changes, urban development, mortgage and tax advice, ways to purchase property through a trust or superannuation, and much more. We collaborate with banks, financial institutions, developers, research consultants, urban planners and legal firms to deliver valuable insights and comprehensive advice. Visit our Events page to see upcoming seminars.

Completing and complementing our 360 degree service for property investors is our Property Management, which follows our Property Investment Consulting. Our Property Management team delivers exemplary services that maximise your investment return and reduces risks. For more information, please see our Property Management.